Mesk Al Barari is a Wholesaler, offering a huge section of new automotive spare parts:

Like brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, shock absorbers, cv joint, timing belts, engine mounting, water pump, oil pump, shock mounting, wheel bearing, clutch discs, clutch cover, bushing, pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, Engine Parts, suspension parts, air filters, oil filters, gaskets, body parts, headlights, wiper blade, and a whole variety of other spares.On our website you will quickly and easily find the necessary spare parts for almost any Korean car maker, whether Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Daewoo or other well-known automotive brands.

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    Favorable Pricing

    Our spare parts are new and have many advantages, among them - high quality and reasonable prices. A simple comparison of our pricing with other wholesalers of automotive spare parts will convince you that Mesk Al Barari creates significant competition due to very favorable pricing.

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  • Quick Delivery

    Order the required spare parts via email and enjoy a unique service. Delivery is fast, reliable, and throughout Middle East, Russia, and African Countries. Mesk Al Barari usually offers a whole variety of suppliers for identical parts. Order the necessary details on Mesk Al Barari and take advantage of the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) of our automotive parts. If you are not able to locate on our website some rare spare parts or fast-wear items, just give us a call and we will order the required items on demand directly from the manufacturer. Brake pads, shock absorbers and filters are car parts wearing out very quickly and requiring frequent replacement. Unreasonably high prices may sometimes create serious inconveniences.

  • Best Quality


    Dealing With Leading Automobile Manufacture Company

    Mesk Al Barari cooperates with leading manufacturers such as Mobis, Sangsin Brakes, Mando, DYG, Seco, Iljin, YPR, Doohap, TYC, TYG, Auto Top FPI and many others, thus offering very profitable prices for Brake Pads, Shock Absorbers,Body Parts, Suspension Parts, lights and many more. Mesk Al Barari offers best quality auto parts at very competitive prices.